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Did you leave the World Affairs Seminar feeling empowered to change the world? Or perhaps you simply wanted to tell all of your friends about your experience, so they could attend next year? We want to hear your WAS story!

Through the end of the year, we want YOU to share with us a short “selfie” video clip. On Tuesday, January 2, 2018, we will select the most creative, enthusiastic, and genuine videos for a chance to win a Grand Prize and other WAS memorabilia!

Prize Information
Grand Prize (one recipient): Grand Prize Certificate, and a 50% Scholarship to Sponsoring Club to send a student to the 2018 World Affairs Seminar
First Prize (one recipient): First Place Certificate, $50 Certificate to Sponsoring Club to send a student to the 2018 World Affairs Seminar (applicable with all other discounts) and a Black or White Embroidered WAS shirt.
Second Place (Up to 10 recipients): Second Place Certificate and Tee Shirt – submit requested color (not guaranteed) and size
Third Place (Up to 20 recipients): Third Place Certificate and a Water Bottle (one size fits all!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Record a “selfie” style video of you, using your phone, webcam, or personal camera (no need for professional video equipment!)
  2. Videos can range in length from 30-seconds to 2 minutes.
  3. Share your thoughts! Videos can include a specific story, something you learned, a take-away, how your experience impacted your life, how you implemented the things you learned within your own community, etc.
  4. All submissions must also include your name and the year(s) you attended World Affairs Seminar.
  5. See Official Contest Rules below.
  6. Upload or share your video with us using one of the methods below (restrictions apply).
  7. Share with your friends!

Record & post your own video onto our Facebook Page. Be sure to set your privacy/visibility for the post to “Public” to ensure that our staff is able to review the video! From there, you can share the post onto your own Facebook wall using our hashtag #WASers.

Post a short video to your Instagram. Use hashtags #WorldAffairsSeminar and #WASers and tag @WorldAffairsSeminar in your post. (NOTE: If your account is set as “Private”, your post will not be seen or reviewed by our staff. Your profile must be visible to non-followers in order for your post to be submitted to our contest.)

WAS is an amazing place where youth from all over the world can come together and find reasonable solutions to topics troubling our world today. WAS is truly shaping the next generation.

Natalie Kasberger

World Affairs Seminar 2017

WAS motivated me to become more involved in my community. It was a wake-up call to ongoing issues and potential solutions through us. WAS brings many people of similar values together to work towards a better tomorrow.

Sophia Jacobs

World Affairs Seminar 2017

WAS improved my global perspective and gave me enthusiasm as to what this generation can do, as well as giving me and many others a chance to learn from the generations before us and to appreciate their efforts to improve social justice and education.

Annabelle Brand

World Affairs Seminar 2017

Official Contest Rules & Guidelines

  1. All entries must be a digital video submission, and may range in total length no longer than two (2) minutes.
  2. Only one video entry per person, please.
  3. Contest Deadline is Tuesday, January 2, 2018. World Affairs Seminar reserves the right to extend, shorten, or cancel this contest at any time without prior notice.
  4. Please include at least your first name and the year and/or theme you attended World Affairs Seminar within the content of your video. All other identifying information (hometown, Rotary affiliation, etc.) is strictly voluntary.
  5. Delegates/alumni may work together in groups, or submit entries as individuals.
  6. If a video submitted by a group is selected for a top prize, prize availability may be subject to change based on availability and group size.
  7. By voluntarily submitting a video entry (testimonial) on this website or through social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), you agree to let us review and publish any material in full or in part. In compliance with our Privacy Policy, anything posted, submitted, or shared on social media is at your own discretion and therefore your responsibility.
  8. Any and all video entries are subject to be used at any time for World Affairs Seminar related promotional material.
  9. All video entries will be reviewed, monitored, stored, and published only by World Affairs Seminar staff members.
  10. Content must comply with all local and national laws of the country of origin and the United States. Content must not 1) promote illegal behavior; 2) support racial, religious, sexual or other invidious prejudice; 3) advocate sexual or violent exploitation; 4) violate rights established by law or agreement; 5) invade the privacy of any person; or 6) be otherwise inappropriate as determined by World Affairs Seminar in its sole and conclusive determination.
  11. All entries must be submitted in English; if entries are not in English they must include English subtitles.
  12. No copyrighted materials (music, images, etc.) may be used for this contest unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material for this contest. Written permission must be obtained and provided upon request for all copyrighted materials.
  13. If selected as a prize winner, World Affairs Seminar will make a reasonable effort to notify the participant(s) in a timely manner before publicly announcing the winner. It will be necessary to collect extra information for t-shirt sizing and color, Rotary Club selection, and shipping information. Our staff may use our most recent records in order to contact the participant(s) if no other information is provided.
  14. If submitting directly to the website (in lieu of posting to Facebook or Instagram), it is helpful for participants to further identify themselves in any way they see best fit (i.e. identifiers within the video, a separate written email to our staff, etc.)
  15. The judges’ decisions are final. If the participant is unable to be reached after a reasonable effort to contact him/her/them is made, World Affairs Seminar staff reserve the right to select a different winner at that time.
  16. Entrants agree to be bound by the official contest rules and decisions of the judges.
  17. For any concerns or questions, please email or at any time.
  18. HAVE FUN! This video contest is meant to be fun and light-hearted, with the intent to bring back old memories and spread the good word about World Affairs Seminar.

A Rotary District 6270 Initiative

World Affairs Seminar
10600 W. Mitchell Street
West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

Privacy Policy:

The World Affairs Seminar does not share or sell personal information about students or sponsors with any other organization except as authorized by signed release. This includes personal, health, financial, or other information. Information you post on public websites and other accessible media is your responsibility.

Refund Policy:

To receive credit after payment has been made, students, sponsors must notify the World Affairs Seminar in writing that their delegate is unable to attend, or if the sponsor is unable to fill a paid for space at the Seminar. (e-mail is considered "in writing" for these purposes as long as the e-mail is acknowledged as having been received.) Full credit applies if notification is received by April 1; 50% credit if application is cancelled between April 1 but prior to May 21; no credit is available if application is cancelled after May 21, unless extraordinary circumstances such as illness, death exist. All cancellation credits are subject to $75.00 processing fee and must be used within one calendar year. Note: in agreeing to attend WAS, parents and students promise to reimburse their sponsor for the full amount of any loss due to cancellation. WAS offices: (414) 453-4984, or

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