Preparing for WAS

Greetings delegate & parents! Congratulations on your selection to attend the upcoming World Affairs Seminar.

On Saturday, June 22nd, you will embark on a unique adventure at the 2019 World Affairs Seminar.  We are excited about the international, educational and social networking opportunities available to you and the caliber of delegates taking part!

If you are not able to arrive on Saturday between about noon and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 22nd, or as discussed earlier with Seminar staff, please let us know as soon as possible.

  • If you are being dropped off, you will want to go to the residence hall where you will register.
    • Kilgour Hall (gentlemen)
      119 E. College Ave.
      Waukesha, WI 53186
    • Steele & Swarthout Hall (ladies & open housing)
      221 N. East Ave.
      Waukesha, WI 53186
  • If you are driving, you can park temporarily and register as described in the paragraph above.  As you register, let the staff know that you are driving and they will direct you to the parking area where you are to leave your car for the week.  Once your car is parked and locked, you need to turn your keys in to the WAS office located in the Campus Center.  They will be returned to you Friday morning, June 28th.

During registration you will receive your dorm assignment, group assignment and check in with the nurse.  You then can stow your personal items in the dorm room and meet your roommate.

During the seminar week, our WAS office phone number at Carroll University is (262) 951.3196.  Our regular office number will only be checked once or twice each day.  The same applies to our office fax.  Please share this with your families.

Departure is Friday, June 28th, any time after you have finished breakfast and said your good-byes, but before noon, please. Check-out from residence halls is before 9:00AM, however delegates may wait in the Campus Center for rides. There is no programming on Friday; it is strictly a travel day.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.  It’s going to be a great week!

On this page you will find important information and documents to help you better prepare for the seminar in June.

Our Seminar is Digital!

NEW THIS YEAR! We are happy to introduce the Official 2019 Seminar Guide, a digital guidebook for our upcoming seminar. This fully mobile-friendly online resource has our speaker biographies, full agenda, and other seminar information necessary for delegates, parents, sponsors, and guests to successfully navigate the 2019 World Affairs Seminar.

Click Here to View our Seminar Guide.

Be sure to bookmark & save this link on your phone, too!

What To Pack

Leaving home for a week can seem like a daunting task when you are trying to pack your suitcase. Don’t fret! We have a list of top recommended items to bring to the seminar (and what not to bring). Among them:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A small window/desk fan
  • Spending money (for WAS & Carroll Univ. t-shirts, late night pizzas, etc.)
  • A notebook & pen/pencil
  • An instrument or talent/hobby for the Talent Show (Wednesday night)
  • Personal bed linens & towels (see attached packing list)
  • Completed, Signed, Dated forms, including Health/Consent/Expectations & Rules MUST be received prior to the start of the seminar on Saturday!

Bring only what you are willing to carry! Please leave your valuables at home.
Click Here to download our complete Packing List.

Links & Resources

Connect with Us

Be sure to join the Delegates Facebook Group for the 2019 World Affairs Seminar. Meet your fellow delegates from around the world, collaborate on your ideas, and get ready to be part of an amazing experience!
Click Here to join.

Resource Library

Leading up to the seminar, we are curating a library of resources related to the seminar theme: social media. The good, the bad, the intriguing, and the newsworthy. Use these links and articles to prepare yourself for a lucrative discussion during your week with us.
Click Here.

Lead a Workshop

We consider every delegate both a LEARNER and a TEACHER. This year especially, with the Promise & Perils of Social Media as our theme, we recognize seminar participants are likely subject matter experts. We encourage ALL delegates to consider what knowledge and experiences they can thoughtfully and confidently bring to a workshop of attendees, and to submit a proposal.
Learn More.

Seminar Check-In Parking

WAS Male Dormitory

WAS Female Dormitory

Where To Go

The Seminar is located at Carroll University

100 N. East Avenue
Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186

Check-In takes place in the Campus Center. When you arrive on campus, look for our staff counselors in the red hats & red staff t-shirts. We will be happy to point you in the right direction!

Young Men will be located in Kilgour Hall (119 E. College Avenue).
Young Women will be located in North & South Bergstrom Halls (135 S. East Avenue)

Click Here to view a more detailed campus map.

A Rotary District 6270 Initiative

World Affairs Seminar
10600 W. Mitchell Street
West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

Privacy Policy:

The World Affairs Seminar does not share or sell personal information about students or sponsors with any other organization except as authorized by signed release. This includes personal, health, financial, or other information. Information you post on public websites and other accessible media is your responsibility.

Refund Policy:

To receive credit after payment has been made, students, sponsors must notify the World Affairs Seminar in writing that their delegate is unable to attend, or if the sponsor is unable to fill a paid for space at the Seminar. (e-mail is considered "in writing" for these purposes as long as the e-mail is acknowledged as having been received.) Full credit applies if notification is received by April 1; 50% credit if application is cancelled between April 1 but prior to May 21; no credit is available if application is cancelled after May 21, unless extraordinary circumstances such as illness, death exist. All cancellation credits are subject to $75.00 processing fee and must be used within one calendar year. Note: in agreeing to attend WAS, parents and students promise to reimburse their sponsor for the full amount of any loss due to cancellation. WAS offices: (414) 453-4984, or

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