Virtual Resource Library 2018

Welcome to the Resource Library for the 2018 Seminar! The intent of this collection and the greater seminar experience is to introduce student delegates to various perspectives, ideas, world views, and opinions. As delegates, it is your job to distill, interpret, and apply this information to your personal interactions, academia, and determine how it fits into your own life experience.

The following collection of media is divided up into various areas of innovation. Feel free to review & engage with this material as you see appropriate leading up to and during the upcoming seminar:

  1. Innovation, Employment, and Economy
  2. Innovation and Education
  3. Innovation, Art, and Recreation
  4. Innovation, Health, and the Body;
  5. Innovation and Transportation
  6. Innovation and Energy
  7. Innovation, Food, and Water

From artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomous cars, innovation is fundamentally altering the way we work, travel, and even feed ourselves. “Innovation: Shaping the World You Will Inherit” will allow WAS delegates the opportunity to think critically about this profound moment of transformation. There is little doubt that many of these trends will prove liberating, as such developments as alternative energy sources have the potential to bring power to many under-served regions of the world. But is innovation always a good thing? Current debates surrounding social media, data mining, and privacy, for example, suggest that things like technological advancement often come at a price. In order to fully understand the world they will inherit, WAS delegates must come to understand this dual nature of innovation.

Innovation & Education

Teaching Coding

“How Silicon Valley Pushed Coding Into American Classrooms” Natasha Singer; June 27, 2017. Read More.


“Marquette University helps Foxconn fill its ‘talent pipeline’ with job fair” Jonathan Gregg; October 9, 2017. Read More.

Art Education

“What Happens to Student Behavior When Schools Prioritize Art” Sir Ken Robinson & Lou Aronica; April 9, 2018. Read More.

Tech Jobs

“A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree” Steve Lohr; June 28, 2017. Read More.

Followers & Leaders

TED Talk: “How to start a movement” Derek Sivers; February, 2010. Watch Video.

Employment & Economy

Bitcoin Bubble

“Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble” Steven Johnson; January 16, 2018. Read More.

Gender & Innovation

“I’ve seen the future of tech, and she’s female” Lauren Schiller; November 16, 2017. Read More.


“When Working From Home Doesn’t Work” Jerry Useem; November, 2017. Read More.


“Zealots of the Blockchain” David Golumbia; No. 38. Read More.


“As interest in bitcoin grows, so does Milwaukee startup Coinigy” Sarah Hauer; December 22, 2017. Read More.

Robot Paradox

“When Will Robots Take All the Jobs?” Derek Thompson; October 31, 2016. Read More.

Marijuana & Banks

“Where Pot Entrepreneurs Go When the Banks Just Say No” Robb Bandelbaum; January 4, 2018. Read More.


“The cryptocurrency bubble stems from our STEM obsession” Keith A. Spencer; April 15, 2018. Read More.

Health & Innovation

Welfare Algorithm

“Can An Algorithm Tell When Kids Are In Danger?” December 10, 2016. Read More.

Healthy Imaginations

TEDMED Talk (Video) “Can a ‘healthy imagination’ bring life saving innovation?” November 16, 2018. Video Video.

Food & Water


“This area in Detroit is now America’s first 100% organic, self-sustainable neighborhood” December 10, 2016. Read More.


“Recreating Rain Reservoirs as Dynamic Public Parks” Diane Pham; November 30, 2009. Read More.


“At O’Brien’s Pub in Milwaukee, the farm-to-table is indoors” Carol Deptolla; December 27, 2017. Read More.

Robots & Cows

“When Robots Milk Cows, Farm Families Taste Freedom” Dan Charles; April 7, 2018. Read More.


Solar Future

“Rural Rwanda is home to a pioneering new solar power idea” Rachel Nuwer; October 9, 2017. Read More.

Carbon Reduction

“California regulators sign off on the state’s ambitious 2030 climate change plan” Liam Dillon; December 14, 2017. Read More.


Wealth Inequality

The Case for the Subway” Jonathan Mahler; January 3, 2018. Read More.

Space Cars

“Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow” Neil Strauss; November 15, 2017. Read More.

The Bike Guy

“Cycling evangelist has been upbeat on Minneapolis” Tony Brown; March 8, 2018. Read More.


“Tour of the Milwaukee Streetcar Operations” Jonathan Gregg; April 6, 2018. Read More.


“GM takes an unexpected lead in the race to develop autonomous vehicles” January 25, 2018. Read More.

Bicycle Lanes

“The Design Bible That Changed How Americans Bike in Cities” Steven Higashide; March 1, 2018. Read More.

Bike Friendly Cities

TEDx Talk: “Bicycle Culture by Design” Mikael Colville-Anderson; November, 2012. Watch Video.

Arts & Recreation


“Putting Art in STEM” Henry Fountain; October 31, 2014. Read More.

Leonardo da Vinci

“The Science Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile: How Leonardo da Vinci Engineered the world’s most famous painting” Walter Isaacson; November, 2017. Read More.

Augmented Reality

“Fields Wants to Be the Augmented Reality App for Music Fans and Creators Alike” Noah Yoo; May 15, 2018. Read More.

Upcycling to Art

“Using Discards to Build Art (and Rebuild a City)” Hilarie M. Sheets; March 14, 2017. Read More.

3D Printed Homes

“Permitted 3D printed home made in less than 24 hours for less than $4000” Brian Wang; March 13, 2018. Read More.

Robo Dining

“Will robot-led restaurants be a gift or a curse to food workers?” Steve Holt; June 19, 2018. Read More.

The Promise of Innovation


“Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity” Derek Thompson; November, 2017. Read More.

The Limits of Innovation

Human Challenges

City of the Future? Humans, Not Technology, Are the Challenge in Toronto” Ian Austen; December 29, 2017. Read More.

Tax Breaks & Food Stamps

“Amazon Gets Tax Breaks While Its Employees Rely on Food Stamps, New Study Shows” Claire Brown; April 19, 2018. Read More.


“Murphy’s Law: How Foxconn Will Pollute Wisconsin” Bruce Murphy; April 3, 2018. Read More.


“Real-Time Facial Recognition Is Available, But Will U.S. Police Buy It?” Martin Kaste; May 10, 2018. Read More.

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