Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

PUBLISHED MARCH 12, 2020. The Wisconsin World Affairs Council (dba World Affairs Seminar) is closely monitoring the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our staff and board of directors are staying abreast of recommendations made by government and public health...

Seminar Statement of Clarification

The following is a statement from the World Affairs Seminar (WAS) regarding recent events at the 2019 seminar. First, a delegate was expelled from the Seminar for having a small amount of a marijuana, which is a violation of the standards of behavior all delegates...
Welcome WAS 2019 Counselors!

Welcome WAS 2019 Counselors!

Dear World Affairs Seminar Leader, Welcome to the World Affairs Seminar 2019: The Promise & Perils of Social Media. Thank you for embracing this important role to help make the seminar successful. As a Staff Counselor, you share a unique opportunity to impact...

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World Affairs Seminar
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Privacy Policy:

The World Affairs Seminar does not share or sell personal information about students or sponsors with any other organization except as authorized by signed release. This includes personal, health, financial, or other information. Information you post on public websites and other accessible media is your responsibility.

Refund Policy:

To receive credit after payment has been made, students, sponsors must notify the World Affairs Seminar in writing that their delegate is unable to attend, or if the sponsor is unable to fill a paid for space at the Seminar. (e-mail is considered "in writing" for these purposes as long as the e-mail is acknowledged as having been received.) Full credit applies if notification is received by April 1; 50% credit if application is cancelled between April 1 but prior to May 21; no credit is available if application is cancelled after May 21, unless extraordinary circumstances such as illness, death exist. All cancellation credits are subject to $75.00 processing fee and must be used within one calendar year. Note: in agreeing to attend WAS, parents and students promise to reimburse their sponsor for the full amount of any loss due to cancellation. WAS offices: (414) 453-4984, or

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